Insane video!!!!!

My friend dmitry from Coolcoconut studios made me an amazing video and plus i got a new camera in the process check it :D----------->

Doesn’t work on mobile

there you go for mobile users

Wow that was great he is really good, I wish I lived closer to Miami because from what I hear there is a relatively good yoyo scene there, but nonetheless a great edit and joy to watch.

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Nice. It’s fun to see the Canvas getting some play time and some good tech tricks being thrown down with the it as well. Love that throw.

it still doesn’t work


If I didn’t know it was in Miami, Miami would have been my first guess at location. He is an amazing yoyoer with great camera skills (the chest view rocks).
I love the ocean restaurant view. Bet it costs a lot to eat there. :smiley:

Thanks for the love you guys sub me on my channel im posting new vdieos soon and plus we have yoyo meets at aventura mall at 2:00 every sunday :smiley:

ya it says copyright issues

yeah the songs used can be a bit tricky i dont know why they come after me for it :stuck_out_tongue:


In the past if I’ve absolutely needed a mobile version, I’ve just put a creative commons track as the backing track for one link and the song I really want to use for the other. Your mileage may vary for that technique. Tricks that “synced up” in the original track don’t always sync as nicely in the “backup plan” track.

Really creative filmmaking there, and awesome tricks!

thanks dude but it all wassnt me it was my friend dmitry from i just did the tricks :smiley: