Finished my giant top

Its all done! Any good ideas for names? ;D

I was also wondering how are you supposed to hold the rope when you throw it? ???

Name, rainbow slide

You hold the rope either between ring and middle finger or index and middle finger. And when you throw you throw sideways and snap the string back towards yourself when it is nearly completely unwrapped.

ok i was just wondering if it needed a button but i just realized a knot in the rope would work fine. :slight_smile:

and its not really a rainbow. rainbows aren’t red orange and yellow.

Looking great!

Let’s see:

That is pretty big. You probably want to throw it bowling style. For very large tops what I do is wrap the rope around my hand.

The colors remind me the German flag. I imagine when it spins it give has a brown color.
What about The Spin Baron in reference to the WWI famous German pilot, The Red Baron?

I like the spin baron name. 8) The top is pretty :o

that is beautiful?

What an incredibly insensitive thing to say.

that’s pretty neat. I don’t really use tops myself, but I think that looks very nice. Good job, lizardman!

A good name in my opinion, as it is colored like richtofen’s planes, or the flying circus planes in general, would be Albatross, as that was the model he used to achieve most of his scores. I don’t know, I like it.

I want to see it spinning

I second that! 8)

All in favor:


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