Finger grinds on a Marco

I am strongly considering a YYF Marco, but I hear that the edges are rather sharp. I do enjoy finger grinds. Is the yoyo too sharp for them to be comfortable?



I don’t think they’re sharp in the way you’re thinking (at least from what it sounds like?) I think people mean it’s profile is very angular being a hard V shape. Paul Kerbel is like the king of finger spins and grinds and this is his signature yoyo, so I assume it’s good for that. However, i have not actually tried one out

Polo: Am I a joke to you?


Definitely capable of good finger grinds especially if you are proficient with them. There are definitely better throws out there for fingerspins. It doesnt have a lock in feature. You can still pull off long spins though, just doesnt have training wheels.

OK, I ordered a Marco. I’ll let ya’ll know if blood is shed.

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Not at all! I Love my Marco and it’s actually my go-to grinding yoyo.

The rims aren’t as sharp as you think imo. They won’t even give you a scratch