Finding songs and routine adjustment

So, i often have a hard time finding a good song for my freestyle. I usually aim for a song with no vocals, both to avoid any explicit content and just because i like it more and can concentrate more on my routine. This question is not just for Colin, but for anyone - How do you find your freestyle music, do you listen to any playlists, is there a specific genre you like?
And when you find the song and you start making your freestyle, do you just do your tricks in order to fit the song, or do you adjust the actual tricks (not just speed, rhythm, binds etc., but the tricks themselves) to fit the song better? Thanks, MK

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I usually use Soundcloud or Spotify to find music. I also find searching for EDM music most convenient as it is easiest to make routines to music like this, although I have changed it up sometimes. I also like to adjust some tricks for the song as well, to improve the quality of the performance. Although this is usually pretty difficult to do and adds more work, I think it is very valuable.


I don’t know if this will help anyone but I think rhythm game music is super good for yoyoing. Cytus and Deemo both have really good yoyo music and I’m sure a lot of osu! beatmaps are really good too. I use SoundCloud mostly.