PNWR 2011 combo help

need some big help ive got the music for my freestyle but i cant get a great routine all im asking is to put up some great combo tuts or even make your own btw the song is Green Day wake me up when september ends

It seems to me you’re putting the cart before the horse.
Get your routine down, then pick the music.

i know but i gonna do it smooth and nice like the song

I’d have to disagree, picking your music before the routine seems logical because you can “flow with the beat” when creating the freestyle or add different elements that corresonpond with the music i.e if their is a pause for 1 second you can add something flashy like a behind the back suicide.

As for creating tricks just start with a mount and play with it until you find someting you might like
Heres a video that helped me find different mounts :

And as for tutorials i really dont know what your style is (chopsticks, tech,flow) but just search around youtube for some. Also rethinkyoyo has alot of good tricks.

thx i agree with 2% this helps ALOT

Really all you have to do is practice. That’s all you can do. Just make up your own tricks, and make a routine. Just do that, and you’ll do fine.