Finally finished the strip job...

My first strip job, woohoo.

Anyway, I’ve been working with this thing for a while. Started with the rims… then the catch zone… then I decided to do the whole thing. Kind of did the whole thing a little bit back but there was some streaks and ano left near the hub area. So today I decided to go ahead and fix it up (the best I could) and here is what I got. Finest grit sand paper I had was 400 grit so I don’t guess it turned out too bad. Plays like a charm still. I actually think it’s smoother now than it was before.

Great job.
What yoyo is that? DV888?

Yep. I kind of softened some of the sharpish edges also.

very nice, looks good :slight_smile:
and 400 grit works fine. pretty much anything after 200 is just do add some shine. I find 600 grit leaves a nice amount of shine, while still having a decent grinding surface. I tried 1500 once, and it basically polishes it. which looks great, but grinds… well, it doesn’t grind.

This is one of the coolest DV888 I’ve ever see.

Any plan to polish it? It won’t have grind capabilities after polishing. But will look freaking awesome IMO.