FINALLLYYY! Landed Superman somewhat clean

({John15}) #1

I’ve been practicing this one for about a solid week, it’s so satisfying when you finally get a trick down.

Also, this MMC is a dream

(Spinworthy Glen) #2

Great job! I love that trick.

({John15}) #3

@skitrz is this lively enough?


Lol. I think @skitrz is gonna love that!


dayum, somewhat clean? that’s 100% clean!

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #6

Simply amazing! :raised_hands: That’s what I’ve been talkin about! I’m feelin it now. Think I’m going to grab some yoyos and assume some body builder poses! :muscle::muscle::muscle: The energy is so inspiring!:+1:

Didn’t that feel incredible? The power of positive peer pressure!:smirk_cat:

To celebrate, take a few of these :cookie::cookie: (so worth it)

(Joseph) #7

Congrats!! :tada::tada::pray:I didn’t even have enough patience to try and learn the trick when I got to the master section way back when; all I wanted to do was to start making up my own tricks!


Learned it, did it a few times and forgot it lol.

(Jim Honaker) #9

I knkw this is a little older post but that was pretty sweet! You could see the excitement build towards the end there. And the MMC is gorgeous. I just brought one home today in blue, have to wrap it for Christmas to justify it to my wife.

({John15}) #10

Thanks man! What an excellent Christmas present!


I got one in blue a little while ago, I love it. However mine is matte which is fine but it seems to scratch wayyyy easier then most of onedrops other finishes.


Very nice :clap::clap::clap:

({John15}) #13

Well played sir :sweat_smile:


I… don’t get it? What does that hand gesture mean?

({John15}) #15

It was a game I used to play back in junior high. Your friends would try to arrange situations where you would see them making that hand gesture, and if you looked, they get to hit you in the shoulder or something.

Eventually it wasn’t so much about the hitting, it’s just the fact they got you to look.

The most epic one I ever did to someone was at night time. We could see our reflections in this window and I was standing behind him, I was like hey what is that? Then I pointed at the window and he looked and looked and looked for several seconds until he finally saw the reflection. It was good clean fun


I hope it’s not that other hand gesture that was in the news recently :scream:

(ChrisFrancz) #17

Great job! So complicated! Can you walk the dog?

({John15}) #18



Got em’


Still is :joy: