FINALLLYYY! Landed Superman somewhat clean

({John15}) #1

I’ve been practicing this one for about a solid week, it’s so satisfying when you finally get a trick down.

Also, this MMC is a dream


Great job! I love that trick.

({John15}) #3

@skitrz is this lively enough?


Lol. I think @skitrz is gonna love that!


dayum, somewhat clean? that’s 100% clean!

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #6

Simply amazing! :raised_hands: That’s what I’ve been talkin about! I’m feelin it now. Think I’m going to grab some yoyos and assume some body builder poses! :muscle::muscle::muscle: The energy is so inspiring!:+1:

Didn’t that feel incredible? The power of positive peer pressure!:smirk_cat:

To celebrate, take a few of these :cookie::cookie: (so worth it)

(Joseph) #7

Congrats!! :tada::tada::pray:I didn’t even have enough patience to try and learn the trick when I got to the master section way back when; all I wanted to do was to start making up my own tricks!


Learned it, did it a few times and forgot it lol.