Filthy draupnir

Just got this.
Not sure why its all smudged up looking. They dont appear to be scratches, but they dont want to come off.
Any ideas?



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Acetony! Acetoni! Acetoné!


I have never tried with a yoyo, but baking soda is a miracle cleanser.


Acetone is safe on ano? I have a mark on my 90th Anniversary Haymaker X that won’t come of with a microfiber cloth and I’m so scared of damaging it.

Solvents like Acetone only dissolves and damages organic compounds, such as rubber, plastic and paint. So no, it doesn’t damage anodized aluminum.


Is nail polish remover pure acetone or does it have additives that could be left behind or do damage, discoloring?

Depends on which nail polish remover. The label will specify it’s components, some are 100% Acetone some are not.

You can also get Acetone and other organic solvents at hardware stores.

Lighter liquid also works, so does ethanol.

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Ruined, it will never play the same again. Essentially worthless now. I’m feeling generous so I’ll take it off your hands for $50, so at least it isn’t a total loss for you


Most likely the anodizing wasn’t sealed correctly and this is a result of oxidation.

I guess it’s possible but that has to be the last throw I would expect that on. I own multiple YYR and their standards seem pretty crazy high. I’ve heard an interview with Kengo Kido and he said he throws away/destroys a significant amount of throws because if they have any flaw whatsoever no matter how small they get destroyed.

Eh Yoyorecreation’s anodizing has always been a little iffy, especially on glossier finishes. Just run your nail across the surface and the anodizing will come off on your thumb. Still great yoyos tho.

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Looks like someone was using it for an ashtray LOL

Try contacting the retailer you got it from to get more info.

Considering OG draupnir havn’t been sold by YYR since OD draupnir, and OG draupnir rarely stayed in stock on retailer when it was being made, i doubt OP bought it through a retailer.

Yes. But don’t try windex or any other household cleaner with ammonia in it. That will cause problems.

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Dirty, bad, naughty Draupnir.

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My bad :sweat_smile:

I can take that off your hands if it’s really a problem :wink: