I am trying to film but am having trouble getting a good lighting set-up. What do you guys do with lights to make sure the string stands out?

Aim them at you. Wear black.

wear the negative color of that string that and a bright colored string helps. However my camcorder has a whit balance to it so I don’t need to worry about it too much.


Diffuse it or make it indirect. You want SOFT light, not harsh beams. Some light aimed deliberately behind you helps too. Also diffuse. Figure out how to minimize shadows and light from as high as you can go. Distance can be your friend.

Natural lighting works amazing, but your shooting windows can be small at times, mainly morning and evening. The bulk of daytime is good.

Solid color shirts, or mostly solids, work idea. People wear black shirts for a reason, then choose a bright string.
Similarly, choose solid backgrounds preferably of a black, grey or something in between if you can. If you’re using a background you can’t control, you’ll want to ensure your string clashes.

If you’'re wearing a black shirt, don’t use black string or a black yoyo. At the same time, don’t wear a black shirt and use white string as the contrast is too great and the string will “glow” on the camera. While I prefer neon green, neon yellow also works great. Another good option is orange and pink. Do feel free to experiment with other colors. You should mostly avoid red, it’s not camera friendly.

Document the heck out of everything. Mark your camera positions. Mark your standing position(or start position). Document your string, clothing, background, time of day(if outdoors), lighting angles and methods, and camera settings. Do lots of short test videos to see what works best for you. Once you find that magical set-up, get to work.

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@studio42 your tech talk makes me feel right at home haha. After reDing your answer I swear I just had a convo with my friends lol

I usualy just film outside because its easy but it does get cold in the winter