Fiesta XX Response

Hi there,

Another quick question. On Fiesta XX the silicone pads are already coming off, just wondering is using flowable silicone to save on the pads. Is flowable any good for 4a?

It is not really particular to one style. But I think that Offstring is one style thaat does matter with such a small gap where the response is if you bind and snag, the next time you throw it will shoot back at you.I would recommend buying pads for it(Sold here: get the slim pad if you buy K-pads

The Fiesta XX uses the standard YoYoJam O-Ring response, so it’s compatible with flowable silicone. I say this from a completely factual point of view.

I don’t have a second Fiesta XX to practice with, and my current one is fine stock right now. Chances are, when I finally wear down the response, I’m going to silicone it. If I don’t like it, I’ll just rip those out and put in hte YYJ O-Ring response pads.

I also have some #11 rubber o-rings that I bought for things like the Lyn Fury, Kickside and other stuff. I might see how I like those in there.

Yeah I only ask since the rings are already coming out. To be fair I was using it out in the damp so… my bad there I guess. I don’t really want to keep paying out £1.50 for a pair each time if they come out like this.

I’ll give it a go and report the back how it is. If worst comes to the worst I can always rip them out like you say.

O-Rings are not a bad idea either…

The Big Yo uses the rubber o-rings. The o-rings in the Lyn Fury do stick in the gap a a bit so the same would be true with the Fiesta XX. It is possibly it may become too snappy on you and you may have to take a razor and cut them down a bit.

For 10 for under $2.79USD, that ain’t bad.