Frantic response/Catch13

I am considering getting a Frantic, but I don’t want to deal with getting new pads. Can you put flowable silicone in it?

Also, does anybody know when the Catch13 is supposed to be coming out?

I recommend getting PGM sized k-pads, I don’t think that flowable silicon will work well. I think the recess is too shallow. Way too shallow.

The release date of the Catch 13 will be announced at worlds, or maybe it will be at worlds.

My eight8eight’s K-Pads kept comming out, so I put YoYoJam silicone o-rings in there, and they work 2x as great in my opinion. They barely come out, and you won’t have to replace them for a couple months. They are already sticky, so it is even more durable.

Flowable silicone will work, too. Any would work, as long as you get it right, and let it dry.

The Catch13 is going to be relased this month, as I am told, and will hopefully be announced at Worlds.

Good luck! :wink:

Well I usually trust both of you on your answers, but you both say opposite things about the flowable silicone with the Frantic. Does anybody else know? If silicone o-rings fit then it should be flowable silicone-able though.

Bottom line: Flowable silicone will work in any Yo-Yo with a o-ring groove. :wink:

Yes I realize that but I’m not sure that the groove in a Frantic will fit an o-ring since it uses K-Pads and because rsmod said it wouldn’t fit.

EDIT: Not saying you’re wrong though or I don’t trust your answer or something.

It’ll work, just apply it thinly.

K-Pads are really thin, so is the groove, but it will work!

Try it. If it dries, and you don’t like it, scrape it out. It will come out, but try it for yourself.

It will work, but since the groove is so shallow, the silicone won’t get a really good grip so it won’t last as long as it would in a silicone recess.

I have Red RTV in a Frantic right now, once it dries I’ll tell you how it plays.

But the recess is not too shallow to accept silicone.

Ok thank you.

That’s what I stated!

In my previous post, I said the recess is a bit shallow, but not too shallow for it.


No need to get mad man.

I wasn’t.

He probably missed it - or waited for somebody ELSE to say it.

What was the need in making a post if you wasn’t mad. As far as I can see, madness is the only possible reason to post something like that while keeping it necessary.

I wasn’t mad.

He was probably wating for someone else to say it because he got confused from my posts.

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