FHZ with Flipside spacers


So I was goofing around with my Adegle PSG today, and I got a snag. I took it apart to get the snag out, and I remembered this had spacers. After a while, I decided to look at the YYE page and I saw a flipside, and I got to thinking about the FHZ, what I consider Duncan’s flagship model.

I’ve seen tons of FHZs modded to use large bearings and what not, and some of them have been flops (literally, from what I hear) while others have been successful.

But, if Duncan were to use the Flipside’s spacer system in the FHZ, wouldn’t this be the throw that people have been looking for? No need to change the guts of the throw other than the spacer seats and recess the pads, and viola! You have a small bearing throw for learning tricks, or you can switch to a large bearing if you want to.

I’ve never played with a FlipSide, but I will be getting one as soon as I can, but considering the popularity of the FHZ, it doesn’t seem like too terrible of an idea to me. How do you guys feel about this?


I think adding the Flipside’s reversible spacer system to the FHZ would be cool. I however would be fine if Duncan would just modernize the insides of the FHZ. I do like my Flipside a lot though.


I’m sure most people would be fine with a modernized FHZ, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen any time soon. ;D


FHZ had it’s time. Even with a large spacer and modern insides a Classic or OneStar would totally outplay it. The light-up FHZ was cool but now it’s better that Duncan focus on newer designs that get caught up on their outdated models.

The FlipSide actually looks pretty good thought a little narrow. Would love to try one out and compare it to some of the other recent moulded plastic throws to hit the market.


I don’t know, I feel like the FHZ with some weight rings added definitely makes it a competitor between the Classic and the Onestar. A little bit of love and some mod spacers and you’ve got a sweet unresponsive throw.

I don’t feel like it’s done quite yet. The design needs a bit of a revamp, but that’s just how I feel about it.


i think a fhz with weigh rings and mod spacers will definitely go against the onestar or classic.


I never liked the Classic that much.

The only reason I ordered another one was so I could learn 5a.

But the FHZ stock is already awesome. But with mod spacers? Dang…


If Duncan made Mod spacers that were compatible with FlipSide spacers, it would change everything. Mod spacers with a silicone groove instead of friction stickers would be a huge step up too, but if they went all the way and made them accept both bearing sizes… Seriously it would be a full blown resurrection of the SPR kit.


I’ve never looked into the SPR kit before now, mostly because I’ve never heard of it, but they could do it. Correct me if I’m wrong as I’m not too hip on my Yoyo history, but Duncan bought Buzz-on, didn’t they? If so, it would make sense to release their own version of the SPR kit.

They could call it the Yo-tility upgrade pack or something. ;D


A C-bearing, sili recessed, hubstacked, semi-satined, more rim-weighted FHZ already exists: it’s called the Plastic Grind Machine :wink:

But seriously, the first time I threw a PGM, my first thought was “This feels like an improved FHZ.” It’s close to the same mass but with better weight placement and very similarly sized and shaped. I think it is based off of the Dienasty, designed by Steve Brown, which is the man who invented 5A for Duncan, and probably designed the original Freehand yoyo, which the FHZ is based on.