FHZ or FH2?

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Idk but if you want a good plastic get the Adele plastic sand thing version best for 3a and for 1a spin time 1 min 50

Between the two… FHZ. It’s a bit heavier and I like heavier.

We should ALL have a FHZ in our collection.

The FreakHands are FH2’s with “monster” graphics right now. Cheap too(in cost).

One, work on ur spelin.
Two, I already have an Adegle Asteroid.
Three, I am interested in 5a.
Four, it’s called an Adegle PSG.

Can you please put some thought into your replies? Thank you!

Thanks Studio42!

I have a freakhand and which I modded. One thing I don’t like is the response so I silicones it instead. Another thing I dislike is after a week it stops spinning As much after I did some hard tricks and it fell to the floor so be careful while using it if you decide to get one. Other then that it is really light and is really to do tricks with. But you can’t have too many string layers on it at once cause of its gap

Not really sure never tired a FH2 but the FHZ is pretty good especially if you mod it.

I have a regular FHZ and a light up FHZ. I like the light up one much better. Heavier and recessed response. Can’t speak for the FH2 though, never played one.

Here’s some more thoughts:

If you already have counter weights or are interesting in making your own, might I suggest putting a counterweight on your Asteroid. I’m not trying to be cheap here. I personally found that I don’t care as much for the A-sized bearings in general, and for 5A and me, it’s just not a good match. Yes, I have 4 FHZ’s and 5 FH2’s(4 being Freakhands). I also bought the YYJ Pinnacle for 5A, and I feel that yoyo is a bit too light for my tastes for 5A.

I really feel for those wishing to branch out into 5A style, the best method is the cheap method: buy or make a CW and use that for a bit. If anything, you can get an idea for it.

I know the FHZ and FH2 are meant for 5A play. If you like it, then fine, no harm in that. They are marketed and packaged specifically for 5A play. With a Freakhand costing $10 at Toys R Us right now, it’s a good, cheap way to get into a “complete set” for 5A. However, I do think the weight of the FHZ is a better option. Not to push a more expensive option, but the FHZ Pulse is even heavier and I feel performs much better, although it does do better being beefcaked using the Terrapin X A+ Beefcake kit for FHZ, which is how I have mine set up. Also, the regular FHZ itself works best after being modded.

Personally, I’d say go with a CW for the Asteroid. I’m debating getting some YYJ Takeshi dice to add to the parts box.

I have FHZ light up and a freak hand. The freak hand feels more solid even though it is lighter. I personally like the light up one better. Because I like to Yoyo with it outside and at dusk, kids and adults stare in awe. The color and lights are very impressive.

Edit: Of course I like to play my FHZ responsive. That way anyone that is watching and seems interested I can give it to them to try it out. Not having a responsive yoyo on you is selfish in my opinion.

I played a FHZ stock a few times and really didn’t like it as it was waaay too responsive. I’ve played an original FH2(no sticker recess) and have it set up with a counterweight although I don’t really like if for 5A. It seems too narrow. I have a takeshi modded FHZ(mexican edition that came in crate) set up with a yellow dice right now on my rest and is probably my favorite A-sized bearing yoyo although even with the silicone recess it leaves a little to be desired.

Not The FHZ!!! It binds horrendously and there is way too much “thunk” when it hits the end of the string. is has nice balance, though.

Have you decided yet? I personally like the FH2 beefcaked with the thinnest spacers, O-rings and silicone stickers for 1A. It sure isn’t no Chief but I love the look of mine and the profile, plus when I beefcaked it it got just wide enough for my preferences.

I’d have to say FHZ. But you can see my FH2 here

Here’s my two cents.

I like the way the FH2 feels in the hand. It has a slight H shape that is more comfortable than the FHZ.

The FHZ does play smoother, but the recesses on the FH2 lets you play unresposive by only cleaning the bearing, while you would have to mod the FHZ to play completely unresponsively.

For 5a, I don’t like how the FHZ feels when you catch it; it’s like the yoyo is trying to hurt you, and I’ve had no problems with yoyos with sharper edges.

Stock: I think a FH2 is better. But if you can get your hands on a modded FHZ, I think that it would be better.

mine spins for over 7 minutes…