Fh Mg + DNS = Sexy YoYo

So this one was actually a repair job for a friend… in the process of being modified for silicone one of the hubs was accidentally cut out. The wall of the Mg are very thin, so one pass too many and boom, hub is gone.

So, I offered to fix it up right. Calibuddah (who owns the Mg) wanted a large bearing hub with silicone… perfect, considering I had some raw DNS sample halves laying around.

A few hours of work later…






It plays extremely well. The overall weight went up a few grams, but it’s not really noticeable.

The hubs are press fit (extremely tightly) with a dab of adhesive to deal with those annoying temperature changes that tend to cause problems.


he’s a lucky man

Very nice work as usual Kyle.


WOW! I’ve always wanted to see a LB freehand