FG Arctic Circle


I’m thinking about buying a FG AC directly from CLYW. The price is awesome, at first. Under $88 for an awesome throw makes me all tingly inside, but then the fees kick in. $25 to ship to the US seems insane to me. Plus $6 fee or tax from PayPal to buy international. Then another $3 fee from my credit card company to buy international. It ends up being over $121 and it starts seeming like much less of a deal.

What do you guys think? Is this still worth it?
Is there any way to get it for closer to the cost of the throw without all the fees?


Considering an AC is going to run at least $135, it’s still a bargain, but, here’s the thing:
If you can buy more than one, your $6 Paypal penalty, plus the $3 credit card ding start to become smaller overall, and the shipping won’t jump up. But, alas, you’re spending for more than one.

You’ll still come out ahead, just not as far ahead. I don’t see why it costs $25 to ship from Canada. I don’t think it should cost more then $12. I didn’t know Paypal charges for international transactions, as I have been buying stuff from China-based sellers(for Magic Yoyos and Audley and Aoda) without additional fees, but then again, it’s drawing right off my bank account so maybe that makes a difference.

In some cases, I want the B-grade CLYW because I like the graphics/colorway/decorations better than on the A-grades. I just think the pick-axes looks really cool on the Canvas, for example, rather than the #4 Lost in the Arctic that I have.

Choose wisely. You still come out ahead. See how you can avoid some of those fees.


I’ve also bought from china on ebay, and didn’t have this problem. I’m not sure where the $6 is coming from, maybe the exchange rate? All I see is that it’s $6 more on the paypal screen than it is at the CLYW checkout.


How is saving just $14 to get a fool’s gold rather than an A-grade a bargain? Seems like the opposite to me, totally pointless.

Because the CLYW prices are in Canadian dollars, which is slightly stronger than the USD. Don’t do it, the shipping alone is just such a massive rip off, you could buy a MiB A-grade on the BST for less.

(2Sick Joey) #5

I don’t think that is a deal at all…at $88 then yes that is quite the deal but of course your getting “raped” with the overcharged shipping and other fees. If I was you save your money…just my 2 cents


When I tried to buy a yoyo from redbike (redbike edition Ava) the shipping brought it up from 115 to 210 dollars. Crazy.


BTW - When i buy from here, the CHEAPEST method of shipping it home is almost 40 $.


Well, let’s compare a few things:

AC’s are currently out of stock at YYE. I’ve checked other stores, same thing.

AC’s aren’t exactly showing up on BST that much except for scalpers/flippers for the most part.

I guess it comes down to “how much do you want it”.

Saving money is saving money. At least yoyos are never an urgent item. I always get stuck having to pay overnight shipping when a promoter drops a last second bomb on me and making a demand of something not in the contract. Of course, that shipping gets passed along to him but I gotta eat it up front. Even worse is when you pay shipping PLUS repair for an item and it comes back unrepaired. “We saved you money”. I didn’t want to SAVE money, I wanted the repair done to the specs I needed it done. But that’s a whole other issue.

So, your choice.