hey guys would you pay 92 dollars for an arctic circle 2 clear view station with one minor scratch to it? is it worth that much? i need advice.

YES! In a heartbeat

Me personally. No.

Its worth it. Depending on the scratch. The 7075 version is coming out if your willing to spend more. Otherwise you might wanna grab it cause they dont make them anymore.

Well, the AC2 is a good yoyo, but I’d personally wait for the 7075 version or the Borealis, Zach’s new signature.

its a very little scratch on one side.
and how much will these 7075 cost? what other color ways do they plan to have? and for those who said yes even though its clear view station one of the less popular color ways is it still worth 92 dollars plus 9 shipping?

7075 will be fg too so cheap but a grade should be 130$ if solids and 150$ for splashes.

when do they have it planned to come out?

also how much would fools gold be?

Totally worth it I have a AC2 and I love it

If it’s A-grade and smooth definitely worth it.