Few questions about unresponsive play

1.Can you do most of the responsive yo-yo tricks with a unresponsive yo-yo?If not what can you do

2.How often you should lube the bearing.

  1. You can do almost every trick that does not involve a pull-up bind. Picture tricks, go ahead. Stop-and-go, or pop the clutch/around the corner, nice try, but no.

  2. I lube my bearing once it starts making a loud, scratchy noise. I’ve heard some people just leave it and wait for it to quiet itself down, but I feel like that would be bad for the bearing.

  1. Almost yes, with the exceptions of loops and stuff that you can’t bind at the end of the trick.
  2. If you want responsive, lube once it’s less responsive, if you want unresponsive barely use lube if at all.