Few noob questions.

I’m quite the inexperienced yoyo-er. But I have two questions

Do the pros who compete use an unresponsive yoyo? or are their sleepers just really THAT good? I see suzuki’s Yoyo come up without any effort sometimes, and most of the time I think, Is that just how the trick works? or is he binding it up again and i cant see it? I figured I would ask

Also question two. Is there any mechanical thing I can do to make my sleeper last longer? Mine is horrible. I use a dark magic 2 with a concave bearing lubricated with yoyojam thin lube. It seems like I’m out of the loop or my throw is just really weak. Any suggestions?

If I posted this in the wrong spot would a moderator please move this to the appropriate area.

Yes The Pros who Compete use unresponsive yoyo’s

As for question number 2

You probably just have a weaker throw Right now s Practice throwing a little harder

Andre Has a video in the advanced part one section that gives some tips on how to get a stronger throw

To much thin lube will make your yoyo responsive. It takes a very, very, small amount. Less than a drop. If you have lubed it to much you can just play it and it will eventually become unresponsive. If you are the impatient type, clean it.

Also your throw will improve by just yoyoing… My throw these days is much better than in the beginning stages and I never really practiced just my throw… I just yoyoed and learned tricks.