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Hey, Moises and I have always said that we appreciate feedback, good or bad.
It is the only way we can truly know how we are doing as a company. That being said, I will thank you for your post.

I do want to address that you are absolutely right on the fact that we had an issue with our system which allowed for 3 items to be sold even after our inventory was sold out. We contacted the people affected as soon as we found out. Because we are a small business, we do not have a separate algorithm to detect discrepancies so we fully relied on the website’s inventory. We were as transparent with you as we could be. At first we thought it was our mistake, in which case, we would have also notified you, but we soon realized that it was a glitch in the online store. This was also confirmed by the website’s online support who we contacted about the problem. This led to us not finding the error until we were packaging the yoyos. Like you specified, we contacted and refunded the money to the people who had to be inconvenienced by this situation. We have taken full responsibility. Aside from our apology, the email in which we let you know about the inventory error also offered a 10% off any other available yoyo and a 5% off any future run. I wish we could simply re-order and make it right but given the nature of the business, we can’t.

I want you to know that if the scenario would have been anything else, I would have taken accountability for it regardless of what it was. We try to be as honest as possible and do not have any intention of covering up anything to look good. Once again, I apologize for this and guarantee you that we deeply resent this happening altogether. This has been a lesson for us too.

Thank you for your support and for your understanding.


oof to know you missed it by 3 orders. I literally had the thought “I hope I don’t get an email saying my order is refunded” when I bought one because the last unknown edition I TRIED to buy was sold out in like 2 minutes. Got my order in within 1 minute this time.

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Really pushin it, huh?
You do know there was a pre-order if you really wanted a specific color.

I’d say that a 10% discount on their part is more than enough to offer.


Sounds to me like you still can be a FAFB family member for 10% off, all you need to do is select a different color… same YoYo.

I advise steering clear of many drops in the future if you are going to get this upset about a colorway


You could also wait a little bit and see if someone lists one on bst. Sometimes a throw just doesn’t jive (no jive🤣) with someone and they sell it.
I have several throws that I thought I would never find.


They don’t owe you a free yoyo because their site had a glitch. Them offering anything beyond a sincere apology should be good enough to “make it right”.


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Got my inception Monday. Still too soon to give a full review or anything but I’m really loving it. 95% of my collection is organic shapes so this was a nice change up from what I’m used to.

The yoyo itself is 10/10 smooth. Light but also powerful and nimble. As you know it comes with plenty of goodies. Was very hyped to get an unknown pin for my collection. Nice zipline string and a cool spin top also. Now let’s get to what I don’t like about it. The ceramic bearing… I read earlier in the thread that the gold bearing was causing vibe when put in the inception, well the ceramic bearing fits the yoyo fine but when I tried playing with it the yoyo leans. No vibe. Just leans. Tried the bearing on a couple different yo-yos and the same thing happened. The ceramic bearing is a bit wider than the stock bearing so you barely even have and thread to grab on to when putting the yoyo back together… maybe I’m the only one with this issue. With this happening and hearing about the gold bearing I wonder why even put it in the box. I loved literally everything about this yoyo. FFB was extremely helpful and patient with me and the throw itself is extremely good I just wish they would have left the bearing out all together. It’s like going to a cool new highly reviewed restaurant and getting an amazing meal then dessert comes and it’s a packaged twinky. You’ll still enjoy the meal but wonder why they gave you a twinky as a nice restaurant. (Pardon the bad analogy)


Thank you for the feedback! We always appreciate any feedback whether good or bad so that we can continue to improve and grow to bring you guys the best quality possible. As for the ceramic bearing, we tested most of them and didn’t have this problem, it may be a bad bearing. If you allow us the opportunity we’d like to send you another one. We’ll test it out ourselves before sending it out to you to make sure it is functioning properly. Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your support!

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That would be very chill of you. I’m @slomotron on Instagram if you wanna pm about it.


It’s great! And I put the ceramic bearing in my Stormberry and it’s even smoother now!
Thank you @FewandFarBetween


Hey guys, sorry we haven’t posted or been too active recently.

We have been super busy planning out our future projects and working hard behind the scenes to have a full lineup ready for you guys for the rest of this year and next year.

We are so excited to share with you the unique projects we have coming up; starting with this one!

We are proud to introduce the BatTisai!

We recently collaborated with Heath of Vs Newton Yoyo Concept (VsNYYC @HVizier) to make the titanium version of the Battosai which my wife and I love!

We have always loved the unique shape of the Battosai and have always liked the older Vs Newton throws, but desired that power and light feeling you get when throwing a titanium.

So, we reached out to Heath and got his thoughts on it and the rest is history.

This is our first titanium yoyo in our lineup and will not be the last!

Keep an eye out for another post in the future which will include the release date and everything that will be included.

You won’t want to miss this one!

We are so happy to be back and show you guys what we have been working on!

Thank you guys for the continued support, we appreciate every single one of you!

Let us know in the comments what you guys think and what you would like to see from us in the future!


Talk about a blast from the past.

P.s. Looks gorgeous.


Thank you! The first time we played it, it left us speechless! Can’t wait for everyone to try it!


VERY interesting. Though the Battosai had a bit of a reputation for feeling a little chunky on the string, have you taken any steps to avoid this in a Ti version?

Also, when are you making a magnesium Flying Hut :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m waiting for a septopus remake!

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@LinksLegionaire @yoyojoe Man! You guys keep giving us amazing ideas!

The titanium naturally is lighter and we made it a bit more powerful than the original. It flows really well!


Likely won’t be the last time we work together based on how fun this one is :wink: