New release from Few and Far Between - The VOW!

The Vow:

The Vow is a lightweight stainless steel yoyo with a comfortable organic profile and a D bearing. It has an even weight distribution that gives it a maneuverable feel in play with a nice light presence on the string, and thanks to the D bearing it maintains plenty of spin power through your most rigorous routines.

Like their previous models, Few and Far Between wanted to involve as many community members in their release as possible to give it an extra special feel. The yoyo itself is designed by Patrick Dressel & Moises Vidal, Artwork is done by Chris Francz and Will Chavez, custom colored string made by ZipLine Strings, and original counterweights were made by Chunkeez!

Releasing Monday, 11/1 @ 8PM EDT.


Why is this yo-yo so expensive? I do not recall seeing such high-prices on Stainless yo-yo’s previously

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People spend that much on Monometal aluminum yoyos lol. This yoyo is well worth every penny. Bought it with my own hard earned money with 0 regrets


It’s almost impossible to find an RSO mini Bowl D bearing and this is almost as good…I think it’s a great buy :facepunch::slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t had the pleasure of trying this one out yet but I am very, very excited to. Definitely seems worth the price and if @Theycallmecotton recommends it you know it’s gotta be a solid buy.

Shout out to @FewandFarBetween for making beautiful throws like this one.


This thing is just so much fun to play with and the quality of this throw is top notch in every category. The packaging, the machining, smoothness… the quality just can’t get any better IMO

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Anyone know if FPM machines these? Have been somewhat on an FPM kick lately… the quality is very consistently out of this world good


Thank you for the kind words! We really strive to put out the best quality yoyos for you guys!

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Thank you! If you get one, let us know how you like it!

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Yes, they have machined both Elysium and Vow! Great quality control and extremely smooth yoyos. Hope you enjoy this one!


I think it’s not just the yoyo, it’s the packaging and extra stuff also. Same with RSO


Yes, you are correct but also the manufacturing/machining cost and we did electroplating as well. So we had to take all of those factors into account.