The Vow From Few And Far Between

I highly recommend this yoyo! Been playing with it since I got it and its just soooooo much fun! Its so hard to put it down once you start throwing it… I’m like I gotta go to work and just keep on throwing :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


Did you receive it for free?

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No I bought it full price :grin:


We are so happy you’re enjoying it! We have received nothing but great feedback from everyone who has gotten one and that makes us extremely happy! Maybe we can send some over to YoyoExpert soon!


Its probably the most fun I’ve had throwing. Its just such a joy and you can not beat the sound that it makes. Would most definitely buy again.


I thought I figured out what this would feel and play like before I got it. I was pretty wrong! For an undersized organic, this thing plays just as well or even better than the full sized organics I own. It has a really unique and inviting feel to it that makes me not want to put it down. I don’t have the Included Zipline black string on it because I got it in the mail right before I went into work and wanted a bright string on it. Even though it’s solid stainless steel, it’s light and nimble and really moves around very smoothly and happily as if the stainless steel is very glad it was turned into a yoyo and not a couple of soup spoons. I’m happy too! Thank you!


As you may have seen I recently joined the few and far between team! I just wanted to say I wouldn’t have joined if I didn’t absolutely LOVE their products. I always said I would never want a yoyo sponsor because there are so many great companies out there that it would be hard to choose a team. Few and far between are a special company though… everything about them and their products is absolutely incredible. From the moment I purchased my first yoyo from them (the Elysium) and unboxed it, I knew this was one of the most incredible companies making yoyos. You have never felt so much joy unboxing a yoyo until you experience unboxing one from them. Everything is TOP NOTCH! They come packaged in a way that you would expect an expensive throw to be packaged and you just can’t beat the quality of the yoyo itself. From the way its machined, to the finish, to the smoothness, to the story, all the way to how its packaged and delivered… it’s just simply a PREMIUM experience. You can tell that they are really passionate about what they do and that they truly care about their products. Probably the best quality control that I’ve ever seen from a company. I highly encourage that you check out the Vow from them as it instantly became one of my favorite yoyos. You will not be disappointed. This yoyo is BEAUTIFUL and deserves a spot in everyone’s collection. You will not find a yoyo that sounds as amazing as this one…not even titanium can sing like this yoyo.

P.S I paid full price for the Vow before joining the team so I can assure you that this opinion isn’t because I’m on the team :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I truly stand by them and their products.


A trick with The Vow