Fever vs Metropolis

The title says it all. Or at least most of it. I want one, but which do you think is better? Is ful metal really that much better than a hybrid? Also, since the Fever has more metal than most hybrids, will it make that much of a different when put up against the Metropolis? Also, I’ve been playing on the Legacy II recently since I just got it, so the Fever is a little closer in specs. And also they are the same price, so is getting a hybrid getting ripped off if I can get a metal? What do you guys think?
(Of course, I can do a bind, since I’m even considering the Metropolis, so don’t ask me if i can)

personally for the same price as both get a echo. better rim weight making for longer spin times and stability, and it has grooves making grinds amazing

the fever is a sig throw, im not saying you’re not good or anything but that throw is designed for a specific style of play. i would say go with either the echo raptor or metro

k, thanx! I might just save my money for a while, too…and then upgrade.