who here yoyos and thinks fencing is epic? (Not a real fence, the sword stuff)

fencing’s pretty epic

absolutely. try it at a fencing club or something near you

FINALLY!!! I was thinking about starting a thread like this but thought that no one would reply but now that you started it i know i am not alone. How long have you been doing it. (i do think it is epic)

I like fencing.

fencing is pretty good, but i prefer escrima (or arni) sticks, bokkens, or katanas.

like 2 years. i fence foil. i thought i was alone too.

I took a few fencing classes to see what it was like, and it’s pretty cool. Interesting sport.

I always wanted to. A friend of mines dad was an olympic fencer and tried to teach us when we were kids but he didn’t have his equipment any more and we used toy lightsabers. It didn’t work to well…

I also do foil. I would like to get into épée but am waiting to have more foil experience under my belt.

I like sword play in general, kenjutsu is my personal favorite, but its good to know a bit of everything, and when it comes down to it, its about having fun, which fencing is a lot of, especially if you have a challenging opponent ^.^

I also do Foil. I’m not good at it, even though I been fencing for 2 years. It’s fun, but pretty expensive