Fellhoelter Titanium Yo-Yo

Brian @Fellhoelter is making a beautiful new Titanium throw.

@NoelKunz did a neat promo clip - and I believe these are actually his photos.

Fellhoelter also made some Ti Side Effects with cooperation of One Drop Yo-Yos.
The short run sold out on OD’s site very quickly!
There may eventually be more!

Does anyone else get into EDC stuff? Fellhoelter is known for his amazing TiBolt Bolt-Action Titanium Pen, offered it Ti, and an array of exotic metals.
He also makes knives and other neat EDC trinkets.


Been waiting to see the throw(s?)! These look incredible.


Also, the Ti Kisses look really good installed. And that bearing blank looking thing is interesting.

Ohh this looks awesome. What does it become a thing? God my wallet can’t afford that at all but it sings to me.


i really want one of those!! they look like fixie blanks in some of them?


These look great!

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Some Silver Bullet vibes for sure


NO WAY!!! I’d seen the one teaser but this is sick to see! I love Brian’s work and his precision is top notch. These gotta throw really nice.

Ps: I used to be HEAVY into the EDC scene. Brian was one I never had the chance to buy from before I made the change to yo-yos as my main collectible (I work where pointy things aren’t allowed). I miss it sometimes. A bolt pen from Brian is still on the menu though.

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I think the side effects are available or preorderable. The yo-yos will be offered at blade show in a couple weeks.


they had a batch of the SE up on OD’s site on the 22nd and they sold out almost instantly.
There was a red note that said there will eventually be more.
But I checked yesterday and they didnt even have the example pics up anymore.

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I think it is normal for the main store view to only include individual pictures of items that are selectable (even if they are out-of-stock).


did kiss SE get their name from this yoyo collab ? :thinking:


Well I think both names came from the Hershey product:


Exciting afternoon!


Here is that Noel Kunz promo clip: Noel Kunz on Instagram: "@brianfellhoelter is making a #yoyo and in-house Side Effects! It was fun helping him test and tweak it to get it just right, easy in the pocket, and now with endless axle choices! Fixed Axle in Delrin, Ti, or even a C Bearing! • Premium. Responsive. A fun #edc throw designed by the man himself. • #fellheolter #fellhoeltertibolt #fellhoelteryoyo #fellhoelterknives ■■■■■■■■■■■ #throw #pocket #fixedaxle #bearing #titanium #onedrop #bladeshow #bladeshow2024"


Hey everyone! Brian and I were linked together in the EDC world because of my time as a knife maker for Randall Made Knives. When it came to the Yoyo, he brought me in to consult on every step of the design process. Essentially he wanted something responsive that actual throwers would enjoy, and when I nudged him into using Side Effects instead of reinventing the wheel, so to speak, about a fixed axle, it turned into Onedrop hiring him to make the Ti side effects. We kept it all under wraps for a while but once OD posted the Side Effects, it was time to release my promo (which was more targeted towards the EDC collectors and non-throwers) but it’s been a fun project! I sadly won’t be there at Blade Show to help him sell these as I’ll be on a performance tour, but I appreciate all the support from both the EDC and Yoyo communities and this awesome crossover!


Bad picture, but, I’m getting them marked up, ready for the Blade Show!


Moist maker. That’s fantastic! :joy: these look beautiful!

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Ohh neat

will these be available outside the blade show? ready to do irresponsible things for one of those metal axle fixies