Feel of a company

I’ve been playing for a few years and I have played with a lot of throws
Over time I noticed how each company has a unique feel in its throws

CLYW - Warm, smooth, attention to details, float
YYF - professional, built for contests
OD - quality, precision, solid
C3 - surprising, myth
Duncan - cheap
General Yo - luxury
YYR - performance

How do you feel about each company?

CLYW smooth fun to play but also good for competitions
YYJ Fun good for competitions but low quality (the spacers usualy fall out after awhile atleast on the 4As)

awnd my feel on the rest of the companys are the same as the ones already mentioned


I mainly only throw Duncan and my skill is fine. Most Duncan’s are beginner throws, but their throws are a tad cheaper and still really good in quality.

Clyw- We out here, we goooooooood. Make that money kid. It’s like whatever.


Yoyojam. Made in the USA, fun bimetals. Great quality. But half of their line is fun, not competiton…

And for C3, I find them to be Competition ready, VERY solid, and great yoyos

You guys sound like philosophers.

CLYW- kinda like Acura
YYR- Ferrari
OD- some class of it’s own. Porsche?
YYF- Idk, Hondaish?
YYJ- uh let’s say Toyota

I can’t really describe them so I’m using cars hahaha

Duncan isn’t cheap.

Duncan- The Stepping stone for beginners that also makes great budget and high end metals (ie berracuda)


I like the round ones that spin

a man with discerning tastes. a connoisseur of yoyos and a real man of letters.

i agree. i too like the round ones that spin

double post. curse you via rail wifi

I can do this!!!

YYR- Ferrari/Lamborghini
CLYW- Mercedes/BMW/Audi
OD- Toyota, they are high class, but they are long lasting and you can replace the SE’s and toyotas last forever.
YYF- Honda-Porche
Duncan- Ford
YYJ Chevy!

I’m sorry but no.

OD are higher class than that. More like BMW

I was thinking Lexus

This would be easier for me to describe in clothing brands than car manufacturers. Then I could compare some yoyo companies to the brands that put out an admittedly quality product then slap their label on it, charge 25-50% more than their competitors and everyone buys it up. Then there are the small boutique brands that offer an amazing value, small boutique brands that march to the beat of their own drum and put out unique but great stuff and small boutique brands that nobody really understands but they sure are expensive.

Actually Lexus is Toyota…


That’s like saying Porsche is Volkswagen though. They may be owned by them but don’t make cars that are as good.