Feedback for yoyo_cubicle

Sold a couple of items to @yoyo_cubicle. Quick transaction, very smooth. Happy to do business with him.

I have an old feedback thread that has been locked. I’ll provide a screenshot of it below. I also have feedback that was left in other topics, which I’ll try to quote or merge into this one. For those of you who have bought yoyos from me, or traded with me, I’d greatly appreciate it if you can leave some feedback here. I’ve decided to start curating my collection more actively, so I’ll be letting go of some throws soon. Here’s the scrrenshot of the old thread.

Here’s some more trade feedback from the “What did you get in the mail” topic.

The above quote is from @gcoomans.

And here’s some feedback I received in a PM for an OD VTWO that I sold. Please note that I asked permission from @JEA86 before quoting his PM in this thread.

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Oh yeah @yoyo_cubicle is great! Helped me get a bunch of throws out to new players, don’t hesitate to do business with this homie!

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Just did a deal with @yoyo_cubicle. Great guy, ships fast, protects the yo-yos well. Wouldn’t hesitate to do business with him again.

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