Feedback for Chaman

Excellent seller, throws arrived promptly with no issues. Good communication throughout the whole process and he sent plenty of photos of the yoyos. Highly recommend seller!


Received one of my greatest all-time white whales from the glorious Mr. Chaman. Arrived exactly as advertised, on time. :star_struck:


I purchased an SPYY Addiction. from @Chaman.
I felt it was a very fairly priced item and the same for the postage pricing.
It arrived today looking great for good used condition with original box in good condition.
Initially i was very very excitied that the purchase had arrived but after some playtime i found the bearing wasnt that great and the yoyo is pretty vibey and is killing the spin quite a bit, which im pretty disappointed about tbh. I have now pmd the seller about the issue and to check vibe on all future yoyos and to state on the for sale post if it has vibe in order to avoid this problem for future purchasers.
I will still keep this throw tho it wont get as much play time as it might have and otherwise a great seller.


This is my second purchase from @Chaman.

This was a great deal. very fair price, yoyo packed and posted out quickly and got here really fast. It plays as described!
Im super happy :smiley:


@Chaman not only sent me a Supernova that came better in person than his pictures, but he also showed me the ropes to the B/S/T and gave me an insane deal. He’s very polite and classy, and provides a lot of details that makea the process easy and efficient. Couldn’t ask for more, so of course I would recommend!


Chaman was my first international sale. They were okay with the extra time and extra shipping expense, were communicative, and paid quickly. I would not hesitate to sell to them again :slight_smile:

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Had a wonderful international transaction with @Chaman. Great communication, fast shipping, and the throw arrived as described. Would definitely purchase from him again.