Feedback, and maybe some direction where to go next.


So this is about 5 months back into my yo-yoing obsession. I played when I was a kid and could do the basics, as far as picture tricks, walk the dog and front flips…but that’s as far as I ever got. I’ve posted on here some since my return to yo-yoing after 15 years of not throwing. Anyway, just learned Buddha’s Revenge this week and caught it on video.  So here’s my progress, I know the tricks need cleaning up, but I’m wondering what I should work on next that is similar to Buddha’s Revenge.


I would work on getting your basic tricks like trapeze and double or nothing and any basic breakaway trick down. Then I’d suggest just keep learning the tricks in the learn section.

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The great thing about yo-yoing is that everyone’s journey can be different and still share similarities. The correct answer to your question is difficult for us to know due to the personal nature of your journey. I would suggest looking over the trick section on this site, and others, and you will have no difficulty finding your next destination.

To answer your question more directly, skin the gerbil, McBride rollercoaster, and cold fusion come to mind. Good luck and keep throwing! :wink:


Since you know split bottom mount, you could learn boingy boing


I know boingy-boing, though I haven’t done it much of late, therefore it’s quite weak. That’s the first trick I do in the second short combo. I have neglected some of my older tricks in favor of learning a bit more advanced. In the midst of writing this I realized what fucked up my boingy-boing in the video and have made note for future throwing.

My biggest issue at this point is getting really comfortable in the side style, which I am working on at this point, but I also like to add new tricks pretty much constantly. I appreciate the feedback thus far!