Favorite yo-yo video?

(Jim Honaker) #21

Can’t say that this is my favorite video. However it was the video that made me think to myself that yoyoing looked like it could be pretty fun to give a shot. Then it snowballed from there.




Old School


(Tyler) #26

(shubham) #27

I Like this yoyo video a lot. in this video, the song is in Korean+english and always asks question :-why so serious.

(Tyler) #28

(shubham) #29

I liked the part more where he yoyos with two yo-yos.


no-one can complain about these two.

(Levi Neal) #31

Oh man there was this old video I can’t find for the life of me. The yoyoer had big spikey hair and I want to say was using yoyojam yoyos. The song playing was some edgy cover of you spin me record. I used to watch it all the time. Any help?


Tommy Gunn, Kyle Ngao I believe. May be wrong on last name.
You can find it, sorry can’t now

Tommy hosted Extremespin forum, now defunct.

(Levi Neal) #33

It’s was definitely Tommy Gunn thank you.

(Cruz Quintana ) #34

I’ve seem the Summit Documentary like 600,000 times at least and Superstarls is so freakin good so those two are my fave bangers

({John15}) #35

Absolute control over yoyo and string :exploding_head:

(Victorian YoYos) #36

Top 5

(Evan Landreneau) #37

He goes insane at 1:55

(Victorian YoYos) #38

Goes sicko mode

(Evan Landreneau) #39

Evan is my favorite yoyoer.


I watched the Summit video yesterday, incredible! Now I want a Summit :slight_smile: