Favorite Yo-yo Song?

What is your favorite yo-yo song for competitions?

Glitch Mob Fortune Days

Bangarang- Skrillex

Run On- Moby (WBBL remix)

Scary Monsters, Nice Sprites- Skrillex

i normally dislike dub step but the drop to this song is great to yoyo to cause if u hit a sick trick right there its solo much fun.

Otherwise i like gorillas, the strokes, and if you can find someone who can really groove (like steely dan) its great to listen to that cause you can get into a great relaxed rhythm and come up with some sweet stuff

Headlines by Drake

My favorite to use and did use was Reckless by Ice-T.

Split the atom by nosia, Bar 9 remix, feat. André

Scary Monsters, Nice Sprites is a song I too love to yoyo with.

I also love particularly Jumper by Capsule and The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

But this year, I’ve chosen Queen’s I want it all to compete

I’m not the only one!

I am not an that level yet but I have put together small combos for a short freestyle to Can’t Hold Us.

I like Glitch Mob Fortune Days ,Drive It Like you Stole It ,Badwings For Videos

For Competitions I usualy just pick some funny song Like For Iwoa states I used fun fun fun from despicable me

Don’t you worry child is perfect for my style of play, but I am a HUGE fan of what Patrick Borgerding used for his freestyle at nats this year… dat song :o


Don’t judge me…

Also like to listen to Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us and Otherside, AaronicStuff’s covers (especially I Need Your Love), and COOP3R COV3RS version of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Its basically the song except covered with vibraphones, a bass guitar, and a marimba (Its nice and if you want to take a break from usual dubstep this is it its pretty chill and calm) :smiley:

P.S. KPOP is addicting haha

‘If I could turn back time’ by Cher.


Song? Idk I just turn to Coldplay on my phone. I have four albums so it a like 3 hours of music.

Come And Get It by Krewella is a common choice for fast play.