Favorite Videos?

I figured I’d start a thread asking about your favorite non-contest freestyle video is. This way you get to see new faces and the videos are just all the more better :slight_smile:
Heres one of mine:


Haha, you dont want to get me started  8)




I will be modifying this post with several documentaries and other things I’ve seen  :wink:

I have never seen the Dumbstruck one, who is that kid? He is SICK!!!

I’m pretty sure thats chuck, part of the CLYW junior team

Yep. That is he.

Anything Micky.

I love watching the “YoYo Kid” and “Amazing YoYo Trick!” and they are doing like trapeze.

has anyone seen the air video its by a guy in russia

Vashek =D

His name is Igor “stuff” Korzhev.

Here is his video “Air” that you mention. Stuff is an amazing director.

I for one enjoy to many yoyo videos to just pick a few as my favorites. I’ll give it a shot and say these are my top three favorites.

Yuuki Spencer and Boyd Seth in Dallas having some fun.

“String Appreciation” by Jacob Deffenbaugh.

“Kaibun” by Sid Seed.

Sweet videos those are.

every thing here.
this list is always updated.
The tutorials some of you may find helpful.
Also I have learned most of the tricks the tutorials teach execpt for a couple.
I also like anything that has Augie in it.

You have to list the videos for us, that link brings us right to our own favorites.

His favorites are right here:

thanks Kim-lan


Wow, a couple of my tutorials are in there! Neat!

Here are some of my favourite videos:

I will ad some more later.

That kid really is dumbstruck. He could have choked himself when he wrapped it around his neck like that.

I doubt that. It seems like he knew what he was doing


one of these i guess

A couple more: