Favorite V Shaped Yoyos

Come on people! V is the simplest shape, a straight line from the response pads! It’s fricken Euclidean!

Favorite V shape, more like most boring V shape, amirite?


Banshee. Congrats on using Euclidean.


Uggh Glen :frowning: The AL dream is my contender for worst yoyo in the collection and definitely gets my vote for worst V.


Wow! What is it about it that you don’t like?

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To me the AL Dream feels chunky and cheap in the hand. It looks cheap to me. The performance is just ok for a V. The finish is just ok for grinds. Fingerspins kinda suck due to cup and finish. Spike in the cup is no good for matador stuff. It plays way too heavy for the average performance and has pretty much none of the ‘float’ that good V’s often have. To be honest the only reason I have one is because I collect Ti’s that have AL counterparts. That odd thing is that almost everything that’s wrong with the AL Dream is sooooooo right with the Ti Dream.

Some of my favorite V’s you should try are:

  • 2sick Bishop
  • OD 2016 BM V
  • Fire Devil
  • OG Banshee
  • Ti Dream

Haha! Your opinion on it is vastly different from mine. The weight feels just right to me and it feels great to use. It also generally performs really well in my opinion. I really like it!

You should turn an Acetal Dream @Glenacius_K!

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I’m going to interpret V as angular, so I’ll just list all the angular yoyos I have:

imo the qilin is really heavy, making it kind of unpleasant compared to the other 2, which are in my constant rotation cuz I love them.

As for my wishlist, I’d really like to get my hands on really any YYR, C3, and Topyo throws.

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I typically do not like V shaped yoyos, but I did enjoy the G2 Banshee.

About the closest V yoyos I own are the Kuntosh and Cadence.

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This is exactly what I was thinking while reading some of the yoyo’s listed.

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Hummingbird :muscle: