Favorite Trick in Each Style

Almost everybody on the forums has their favorite trick on their profile, but that’s usually just their favorite 1A trick. I want to know what your favorite trick is in each style of play. You have to be able to do the trick (obviously), unless you don’t do that style. If you don’t do one (or more) of the styles, just choose the trick that you think is the coolest or the one you wish you could do in that style.

Here are my favorites:

One-Handed Looping (?0A?): Inside Loops
1A: Rancid Milk
2A (I can’t do 2A): Tangler
3A (I can’t do 3A): Velvet Rolls
4A: Leg Orbits or Overhand Whip
5A: Nunchuck

I don’t know of any tricks in the non-competitive styles like Washing Machine, Go West, or all the other crazy styles, so I will stick to the competitive styles. And yes, one-handed looping is a competitive style; it is in sports ladder.

NOTE: These tricks are subject to change.

You made me cry… SHAME!
(To you, not me.)

LOL Well I have only been yoyoing for about 4 1/2 months, so I haven’t even really considered doing a non-competitive style. Do you do any non-competitive styles?

And…you kinda didn’t say what your favorite trick in each style was…and that is kinda the point of this thread…

Check out 1/2A, its fun to mess around with even though i can only do sleeper, trapeze, and thumb grind :smiley: i can do offstring 1/2A for like 2 seconds too xD

yyf metals are perfect with their death grip bearing seat for 1/2a all I can do is sleeper and rock the baby is 1/2A

1a: and whut
2a: shoot the moon
3a: dont know name but I see people do it a lot
4a: orbits
5a: haven’t gotten fan enough to say yet

Woah, I just checked out 1/2A, and that is insane. How would the string even stay attached?

0a: vertical loops and hop the fence
1a: candy slack or Asian pops
2a: don’t do 2a
3a: I have know idea?
4a: arm orbits
5a: Fitzgerald helicopter or 5a leg wrap trap

1a: Revolutions
2a: Chain Wrap
3a: I don’t know to many tricks from that
4a: Offstring Catch
5a: Arial caught behind the back

Does anyone do Mobius?

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0a- inside outside loops
1a- my own stuff, im done with all the tricks other people made up, now i just do my own. I do like magic trick though
2a-'i dont do 2a
3a- i dont do 3a
4a- Iron whip
5a- nun-chuck
Hidden eel- the Apollo Reverse
Go West- Leg orbits
1/2 a- brent Stole

Bump. Why not? Maybe the thread won’t die again after only several posts.

BTW, my first “bump”. Kind of fun, LOL.

0A: Inside Loops
1A: Eli Hops
2A: (I can’t do 2A): Crossover Loops
3A: (I can’t do 3A): Velvet Rolls
4A: Barrel Rolls
5A: (I can’t do 5A): Helicopter

0a: Vertical Loops
1a: Yuuki Slack
2a: Tangler
3a: Velvet Rolls
4a: Stop n Go
5a: Bee sting

0A: outside loops
1A: that weird suicide maneuver that removes string axle twists
4A: high toss
5A: reverse 360
Fixed axle: Trapeze Stall

1A: This trick I made two weeks ago.
2A: Tangler I guess…
3A: Not sure unfortunately. Need to watch a few more videos :stuck_out_tongue:
4A: Conde’s neck wrap trick
5A: I dunno I can’t follow 5A my brain explodes.