Favorite Retro Gaming Handheld/What's Everyone Playing?

Google it for more information from retrododo. But I believe they said they will announce the tbd release date in 10 days.
Edit: for clarification.

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Here’s a good example of why I insist on spending the little extra and using Sandisk Extreme for 512gb sdxc cards formatted to FAT32 for 3DS Devices and others as well.

7 games installed at 11:07 PM (didn’t have an exact start time as I wasn’t really thinking about this again until I woke up. Lol)

59 at 6:28 AM. Doesn’t seem like much, but speaking from experience this would be far slower using a Sandisk Ultra. It took nearly 3 entire days to install about 230gbs of 3DS games and auto delete the .cias files doing them all at once.

For what I recommend, either the newer model 190Mb/s Sandisk extreme.

Or the newest model the Extreme Pro with 200MB/s.

Not a big deal if you’re very patient with the varying write speeds between models. I’ve used all of them on different 3DS models and there has been absolutely no difference I’ve been able to tell in the read speeds affecting any gameplay or loading of games or apps in anyway, as those functions are primarily handled by the ARM processors from what I’ve come to understand. But when downloading games with Hshop (3HS app) on a 3DS or installing anything it make a very large difference in the time it take. As I finish writing this 69 games have been installed.

Nice. :smirk:


Been a long time waiting to finish up this little R4 cart project idea. :partying_face::star_struck::blush:


I plan on doing a custom Spirit Tracks printed UV shell over a gold triforce shell like this one. Just have to find a decent quality matching case which is stupidly difficult these days. :face_exhaling: Update: Case acquired! :partying_face:
Overall I’m pleased with it. I wanna see about having a resin retro modder cast a metallic gold R4 cart shell and EZ Flash Reform IV Slot-2 shell for this one. :star_struck::sunglasses:

New case who dis. :yum:


Got some wiimote straps today nothing fancy but worthwhile having for some now very expensive collectors pieces. So I took some fun shots of what they went to. :hugs:

Edit: Whoops! Looks like I’ve been the only one posting lately so I’ve been cut off. :sweat_smile:
(5 reply max. :skull:) lol
What’s everyone else been playing lately? :yum:


starting GBA development for some fun side projects/resume building

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Oooh very interested in hearing more about this. :nerd_face::star_struck:

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Just want to strengthen my low level programming and force myself to work within a hyper hardware restricted system. Arduino projects were not keeping my interests so I decided to dive into the rabbit hole of homebrew

A Link to The Past (my favorite) on the SupaBoy.