Favorite response.


What is your favourite response for your yoyo?

(Frank W.) #2

With my x-convict I use flush silicone and i love it.


Silicone :slight_smile:


Silicone / K-pad


k pad


Flowable silicone :slight_smile:

(Mark) #7

Well, I have only played with Hybrid. So, Hybrid it is!




1 half flowable silicone ,1 half o-ring (works for me greatly)


silicone,k-pads,and hibrid.

(Derek) #11

i really like silicone, but i havent tried k pads

(WhyLovedEda?) #12


Or Anything Else DOES Not Always Maintaining/Changing It.

as long at it is change at least a year, then it’s ok for me.
i don’t like changing always like friction stickers of duncan
it so tiresome :slight_smile:



Any type of silicone, k-pads.

(JonasK) #14

O-ring and hybrid. Easy to customize and durable.

(G5 Warrior) #15

hybrid definately just keep spinning ;D


Silicone or sili pads.


silicone all the way!!! i removed the rings from my X-Convict as soon as it got delivered and replaced them