Favorite Players, Throws, and Tricks


I know this kind of post has been made multiple times, but it is on page 10 by now. :smiley:
Anyways, for each style, list your favorite yoyo, trick (say “I don’t do this style” if you can’t do this style), and yoyo if you have one.

0A: Planet Hops, Loop 900 (no players really do this style, they mostly do 2A)
1A: Gentry Stein, Malificent (one I made up), Summitt
2A: Joseph Harris, Tangler (although I can’t do this style, I just love watching this trick)
3A: Patrick Borgerding, I can’t do this style
4A: Ben Conde, Leg Wraps, Xodus II
5A: Takeshi Matsuura, Bee Sting, 2012 Genesis

What about you guys?


1a: Takeshi Matsuura, my horizontal combo, Horizon
2a: N/A
3a: Hajime Miura, double 3d eli hop, classic
4a: Ben Conde, any thumb grind trick, go big
5a: Takeshi Matsuura, N/A
Double Dragon: Ky Zizan (I know, you wouldn’t expect anyone to choose him, right?), giant star (double tethered dragon trick I made up), classic
All other strange divisions: N/A

(Owen) #3

My favorite throw overall has to be the breakaway.

The forward pass is my favorite 2a and 4a throw, though.

(Former National 4A Champion) #4

1a: Takeshi Matsuura, paprika, Continuum
2a: Shinji Saito, double leg wrap trap, unleashed
3a: Hajime Miura, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hIYKkiZUMc 2:03-2:11, Continuum
4a: Lim Aik Hwee, 4a kickflip rejection, Saturn V
5a: Takeshi Matsuura, http://yoyonews.com/2013/11/12/sora-ishikawa-killed-it/, Zenith