Favorite performance


Who was your favorite performer at nationals?


Jake Elliot!


Tough. I’ve been a Gentry fan for a while but I think Rojas had my favorite FS so far. Maider didn’t place super high but I thought his was great as well.


I liked Josh Yee’s 5A. And Ben Conde was pretty fun to watch.


Ben Conde
Kevin Nicholas
Angelo Aguirre
Kieran Cooper
Anthony Rojas

In no particular order.


Shu Takada!! (Even if I don’t know a lot of thing about looping I think it was very impressive)

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The bess


Sebby. He has the one of the best, if not the best style out there in my opinion. He had such a great freestyle.


Zach Gormley, always fun to watch. :smiley:




He means US nationals

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Anthony Rojas and Gentry Stein took the cake for me.


Michael Kurti, Ky Zizan, Andrew Maider, Zach Gormley, and Anthony were my favorites.

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