Favorite Peak


My favorite is the Hulk Smash peak ;D

If your favorite Peak colorway is not up in the poll put it up as a comment and I will put it up on the poll.


I def love the wolf lake peak color combo … but who am i kidding all of the clyw play great :stuck_out_tongue:


Hulk Smash is my favorite.

(_|@<06) #4

Sebastian Brock FTW!!!


28 storys

(ed) #6

no question whatsoever.


OG peak?


Your missing a lot of peaks, and polar berry is a wooly marmot. It was never a peak. But my favorite is OG and earth swirl peaks

Yes that is an OG peak


The OG Peak of course!! it’s the sexiest yoyo ever made man! :smiley:

(J. Lev) #10

I kinda like mine…


Now that’s a hot color man!