Favorite colorways


What’s your favorite colorway?


Bluegrass fade




Solids, straight edges like the DM2 (blue/gold hnnnng), or understated, elegant splashes and washes like the Zach Gormley Summit.


The Summit Hulk Smash.

Just that particular one is so awesome!

But overall I like BipBop, and 28S…


The YYC Community Cascade (Clear and Purple acid wash with Black Splash).
Also really liked the Horsehead colorway for thw Cascade.


I really liked the old 28 Stories, but Nebula is really cool. I also like the black Bip-Bop, Party Animal, and Bushman. OD’s Heartbreak rocks too.


The Old 28 Stories definitely looked better than the newer 28 Stories imo.


Majestic Glow
the light blue that Genyo does
Dragon Slayer
Space blizzard

(kclejeune) #10

Nebula, BBB, Clareview Station, Hulk smash, 28 stories, Solar flares, Blizzard, Fire blizzard, lava whatever it’s called… Yeah I’m not picky.

(M.DeV1) #11

OneDrop SkyGrass is gorgeous.