Favorite One Drop Player?


Hi guys, who is your favorite One Drop Design player??

Here are the players:

Paul Dang
Daniel Dietz
Daniel Ickler
Igor Korzhev
Mark Montgomery
Alex Love
Graeme Steller “Gsteller”
Luis Eduardo Celis Vanegas
Vilmos Zoltan Kiss “Revan”
Brett Grimes
Andrew Daugherty
Ryosuke Kawamura

(G2 Jake) #2

Dan D




Zammy and Paul Dang


Zammy + DIETZ!!!



(G2 Jake) #7

Brett is also right there with Dan.


Zam, Dan and Ryosuke. i love Zam because of his tutorials, Dan because of the Dietz he designed and Ryosuke because of his awesome style


Ryosuke for the tech 1a…And the whole rest of the team!

I know Duncan’s copyrights make it difficult to advertise other sponsor’s 5a players but, do any of O.D.'s players specialize in 5a?


DANIEL DIETZ! He’s my home boy! Well, not really, but I like to think that.


Mark has the best style imo


i like paul dang.




mark montgomery


Dietz…gets my vote. I like Montgomery too though.


I don’t have the time to memorize who plays for who, who is sponsored and whatnot.

I think it was Paul Dang who performed at CalStates. It was a really nice performance.

(M.DeV1) #17

Zammy for his unique style and amazing tutorials!


im gonna say Zammy hands down. He’s just an awesome guy


Dan Dietz.


Mark Montgomery, but Zammys a close second!