Favorite metal YoYo

Whats your favorite metal yoyo?

Mines the superstar.

Oh and sorry if this is like an old thread.

Tie between the 08 888 and the NVx.

Right now the RecRev “I”.

Everybody might have diffrent answer.

Mine is the g5 though.

Right now my genesis but I will always have a soft spot for my boss and 888

i like the 888 and gm2 and skyline

Mayhem…It’s so smooth. My Ooch is a close 2nd!


888 888 888 888 888!

my 888 but i still love my frantic

Dude, nothing compares to the smooth smarmyness of the FPYY Katz Meow. ;D


GM2. But it will probably change in a week…

09 E1ns

g5! but im getting my dv888 tomorro so it might change.


BOSS! I just can’t put it down - it’s putting the rest of my collection to shame