Favorite Looking Yo-yo

What is your favorite looking yo-yo and why.

Bully. Why? Because it looks like a Bully.

kickside. why? because I have 2

Stargazer. Why? Because I can gaze at it all day. :stuck_out_tongue:

I own: Black Knight when it was pretty.

I don’t: Any Peak.

Hspin GnE4 water lily.
Cause it looks good.

Brokenyoyos ghost Sumo.

3Yo3 cosmo.

Daisukes new yoyo.


wow… top one looks awesome! ;D

Augie Fash G5+… I think the color combo and the artwork looks awesome…

And the Catch 22 is very simple but great looking…

Hulk marmot. why? because it looks, and plays like a beast (i got a pun in there).

I love Yo-Yo Falcon

Any body else got the Urge to Eat it?

Raw Hattrick

So Shiny…

Yoga Flame Genesis, or Kentaro Superstar. I want either, very much.

SPYY PURE, it’s just so clean.

Any peak.

My favorites:


square yoyo. why? its way different than any other yoyo

Augie Fash blue/yellow BOSS. I love the simplicity, and the blue is so rich, and also my favorite color ;D Can’t wait for Christmas!!!


It looks awesome!

oh SNAP! lol :slight_smile:


HSpin Pyro (Light)

YYF Catch 22

SPYY Addiction/Addict (they look mostly the same)

Why all these? Just because. ;D

Any Tom Kuhn lazier carved “art” 3 n 1.

spyy: Pure, addiction, Pure gold
HSpin: pyro light
antiyo: gouda