Fave 5

Can you guess them?

This will be hard!!!

Post pics of yours if you can. I like to guess too!


You got the first two. lol

Is thee last one a TT?

Very good. The other two may be near impossible unless you’ve either been yoyoing for a few years or you are in my head!

You made me so courious now!

bully, agape, lucky 7, eetsit?, tt

Wrong there and wrong here! lol

aww lol

Bully, Agape, ?, Some sort of Dif-E Yo? And TT.

Bully,Agape, LUCKY 7, made in St. Louis, TT

Only the made in St. Louis left. Its actually in a Burb of St. Louis.


Think older and not made anymore. also it was never sold in stores!
One more hint. Zamstrom (aka Dan Ikler) LOVES them.

black death? its a dert, i cheated and went on yoyowiki, i had to know :-\

Yes the silver one is a DERT. lol

Bully, Agape, Lucky 7, DERT, TT

Here’s my fav 5!
Can you guess them all?

Pocket Change w/ Offstring rims, X-Convict, K-OS, 888, G5+

Wow your good. All of them are right!

Well those weren’t that hard.

I know, but I didn’t think ONE person would get ALL of them on ONE try!