Fav undersized yoyo


I enjoy messing around on undersized YoYos and I would like to know what is your favorite mine happends to be the C3 Token

Ps I think someone has made a thread like this before so im sorry for the copy


I can hardly chose between the 6 and the Messiah…

(DOGS) #3

SPYY Spyder

(2Sick Joey) #4

Messiah or supra


I’m going to go with my SPYY Spyder as well.


M1, dingo both dead smooth and inexpensive

(Jace) #7

popstar haven’t been able to try a token yet though but I love the popstar


Undersized or pocket? Pocket throw I’d have to say OD Dingo, Undersized I’d go with either SPYY Spyder or Wooly Marmot


My little yyf protege. Things a trooper, been through hell. It’s so underutilized too but everyone who has one loves them.


I only have a popstar, but I still like it. I wanna get a token.

(G2 Jake) #11


(Waylon) #12



I like my dv888.

(Alex Fairhurst) #14



Metal drifter.

nuff said