i want to try some undersize/mini throws that are v shape


i’m thinking of a c3 token,dibase or yoyoofficer fit so are these good undersize/mini yoyos and so what are your reccomedation


All I have to say is the g -funk is a little monster it can power through my combos with ease and the gap is perfect but do your self a favor and toss the stock bearing and slap in a new one. The c3 token is ok but nothing to right home about.


Token is fun for the price. It’s not going to become most people’s daily throw, but it’s a nifty little number and surprisingly stable. It’s definitely got a “V” shape, too.


If you have the cash, get a messiah or 6. They dominate all other undersized yoyos.


Supra > or = Messiah. No joke. My favorite undersized ever!!


I think the undersized yyr’s are a little overrated

Personally my Angle has outplayed my TP clover and messiah


Supra is without a doubt one of if not the best ~50mm throw i’ve ever played, and i’ve owned lots of YYRs. Just such an amazing throw, and for the price on the B/S/T these days, a no brainer for sure.