Fav spoungebob ep

Ok so i know every one here has once in there life sat down and enjoyed a good spounge bob episoide. So whats you favorite one? Mines the doodle bob one.

Fun Patties or whatever that one’s called where he makes the colored Krabby Patties.

EDIT: Pretty Patties! That’s it. Oh and the Training Video is great as well.

Mine would be: Band Geeks, Fry Cook Games, and The Krusty Crab Training Video. The classic episodes are the best.

Survival of The Idiots, Ripped Pants,or the one with Jeffrey Jellyfish

Band Geeks, algae’s always greener, Squidville, Training video.

I miss spongebob. The older episodes from the late 90s and early 2000s are the best, and when you’re a kid, you really don’t realize all of the adult humor in there and you catch stuff you didnt when you were kids and it’s kind of cool. Although I haven’t watched a Spongebob episode in years, I remember 2 specifically which were pretty good, one classic and one newer: Band Geeks, and Sand Castles in the Sand. Also the oine where Mrs. Puff gets replaced by that one military guy. That one is hilarious…

It’s too bad that the newer ones kind of suck. Oh well.

that always happens.

Ok definitely Band Geeks or Chocolate with Nuts.

The new ones suck though. Spongebob is like a baby and patrick can no longer formulate a sentence.

Patrick didn’t formulate sentences, he formulated wumbo

Hahahahahahhhah one of my favorite patrick quotes right there :).^^^^ They must have set the series to “Mini” and they really should set it back to “wumbo.”

You know,it’s 1st grade math…

I loved the one where mr crabs dumped out his trash can and started a garage sale.

The episode where Squidward kept getting hit in the face and getting more handsome each time was amazing. I remember laughing my ass off even after it had finished. :smiley:


The employee guide one
Or band geeks definitely band geeks

Band geeks and chocolate with nuts.

I liked the one when spongebob became “normal” that was the best!

That one was pretty funny.

The first one

All Spongebob episodes these days are terrible. The ones from like 2002 to the beginning are the best. Now they’re just… no.

I’ve got to say the stand out’s are the first episode and Hall Monitor for me.

The first original snow day one. That was my favorite because of Patrick choking on a bunch of snow and when he swallows it all he goes to the bathroom on squidward’s door step. As a little kid I found it the funniest thing