Father's Day yoyo help

For father’s day I’d like to get my dad a yoyo. He was the one that basically got me into it and taught me most of the old tricks. He doesn’t have a yoyo, he just knows how to do some tricks. So was wondering what do you guys think would be a good yoyo for him? It needs to be responsive and I would like it to be around $20 or under. I was maybe thinking the yyf ONE but I’d like some other opinions. I would also get him some string for it. Do you think I should get any other accesories with it too?

Whip. Raider.

Depends on budget and how much you know and how much he knows, and as well as how much you know he knows! I’ve taken care of myself for father’s day.

Also, ordering from YYE, you’re under the shipping “gun” depending on your location.

I’m partial to the Legacy II. Classic shape, goes from responsive to unresponsive, under $25, comfortable, easy to throw, durable, choice of colors. Feels good in the hand, has good weight, can do hand grinds. Good enough to throw with you.

Have fun!

Lyn Fury, or any of the yoyojam plastics. You really cant go wrong with any of them. Most are under $20 and can be adjusted easily from responsive to unresponsive. Also, they perform with the big boys. I use my Lyn Fury all the time.

I second this. Especially the Lyn Fury. A good, good, stable throw with some great spin time and rim weight.

I failed to see the $20 budget.

The issue is does your father know how to bind? I’m assuming no. The choices kinda go down at this point.

Great stuff like the stackless Grind machine become a bit impractical as do the amazing performers from Adegle Yoyo: The PSG and Asteroid. The ONE becomes a leader due to the two bearings. The Lyn Fury might be the absolute best bet. It ships with black rubber rings in the response and it’s responsive. Yank those rings, silicone it, clean the bearing, you’re unresponsive. It’s got a good weight and feel as well, better than the ONE or WHIP, but requires a more dramatic change between responsive and unresponsive play through siliconing it.

The ONE is fun, but I find it to be a bit too light. I’m coming from the perspective as a father who throws, and who has kids who throw. I think the Legacy II is better, since he can swap the bearing in and out on his own until he commits to unresponsive play.

Also, maybe another one to consider at $20 is the b-grade YYF Speed Dial. Crank from full responsive to dead on a string unresponsive with the simple turn of two dials. Blue and red, supplies are limited. Metal with plastic rims. They may be B-grades, but as I’m finding with YYF, a B-grade is still an amazing yoyo. Chances are the minor cosmetic flaws, you won’t find anyways, and play and performance won’t be compromised. My wife has been throwing mine for the past 3 weeks.

I second that!

The speed dial is Awesome!

My bro just got his!

I like the Lyn Fury. I prefer the Velocity to the Speed Dial. The Speed Dials rims crack very easily and the response does not last very long.

Nobody else has done this, but if you are looking for both a yo-yo and some accessories, you could get a YYF Starter Pack for $20. it comes with a plastic yoyo, an unresponsive bearing, a responsive bearing, a YYF Multi-Tool, a YYF DVD, and an extra string. A great deal for $20.

Or, like Studio42 stated, you could get the YYF B-Grade Speed dial yoyo (Also a great deal). it comes in two colors: Red w Black rims and Blue w White rims. Also, it comes with two extra Starburst Response just in case.
It also comes with a manual so that you (And/or your dad) can learn how to put the Starburst in correctly.

Hope this helped!