Fat Kitty Woes

I have been learning new whips and slacks and have really been loving the fat kitty string, only one small problem now… My only throw that doesn’t snag when I jam a few layers of string in it is my protostar. That’s not really a “problem,” but now my others are sitting…

Looking for a new throw that can handle lots of fat string without binding up, budget is $10-$150. Kind thinking the gap on the CLYW man vs bear is large enough to handle it. Maybe it’s just my crappy technique??? Just maybe lol

What say you? :smiley:

No need for a competition throw, I’m a old guy that goofs around and I’m looking for a new toy. :smiley:

It might be the Fact that Kitty String frays up quite a bit.

The Yoyofactory Tactic has a pretty big gap if you can find one.