Fastest Magic Yoyo?

Which magic yoyo is the easiest to get going fast? Also, what is their ceramic finish like?

I’d say the T5 and N12 would be the fastest ones. The N9 can get moving pretty good too but tends to get vibey at high speed thanks to the stacks kicking in more. Remove the stacks and you reduce weight and boost speed.

The N10 with the ceramic finish is SMOOTH. The artwork appears to be printed on the surface, so you can feel a slight texture. The N10 looks nice, plays OK. This was more about being “pretty”. The finish was merely to be a canvas for the artwork.

So the ceramic is good for grinding? And, how durable is it? If you ding it, would it crack off?

I don’t think the ceramic would be good for grinding. It’s smooth. I think it was done this way for the printed graphics. It doesn’t grind all that good for me.

I’m not anxious to ding mine for the sake of “advancing knowledge”. If it is in fact some sort of ceramic coating, once compromised, it’s gonna chip and crack and flake away faster than if it were painted. Depending o the kind of paint, it could stick around and last longer, but once it starts to flake away, you’re just marking time. I doubt it is powder coated. I’ve seen a fair amount of powder coatings and the work can be just as smooth. I just don’t see MYY spending the money for powder coating for this. Personally, I think powder coating is the way to go for yoyos. I’m used to powder coating being very durable.