Faster Wasp Nests

So I’ve sort of been testing out an idea that I’d been thinking about…
Baking wasp nests that have yet to fully dry.
Right now, I’m using a toaster oven that has racks and settings so that the whole thing doesn’t melt. The lowest temp it shows is 250 F but the oven I had allowed it to go lower so it only warmed the air.

So far I’ve baked it for about 40 minutes and it’s mostly done now! Gave the inside of the tube a quick puff of the hairdryer because the glue in there hadn’t dried yet, and it’s all set!

You could probably bake it at a higher temp, I wasn’t sure when the plastic and string would start to melt/burn though, so I didn’t push it.

Not a bad use of 2 hours! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers! :smiley:

Most interesting…


Took mine 2 days to dry. Then it fell apart.

don’t use that water and glue mixture it doesn’t do as well as you think. I used hodge podge on mine and it was ready to be used the same day it dries fairly fast and when it was done my counterweight was like a rock and it added some weight to the counterweight. Which I can’t complain about but I like it.